Sound Bee provides innovative sound design and award winning editing - fast. We let our clients and our work speak for us.

Sound Bee have been invaluable in moving our TopJaw 48 Hours series forward. They facilitate alterations at all hours and provide stellar editing and sound design.

Will Warr
Director, Detail

I would describe Sound Bee as the Swiss army knives of post production. They handle every element to an incredibly high standard, always delivered with a positive attitude and excitement.

Ian Packard
Producer, OS Studios

Sound Bee have a wonderful ear for sound design. They build rich, convincing soundscapes which support the narrative and emotion of the piece. They're also great fun and very easy to work with!

Sophie Russell
Director, Bumble

Sound Bee are amazing to work with. They picked up the job last minute, worked against time constraints and removed noise from audio. Super fast, confident and great to have on a team.

Sophie Wedgwood
Director, Nike

Throughout our many collaborations over the years, Sound Bee continue to bring dedication and artistry. Their sound design is not only technically excellent but also extremely creative.

Zhang and Knight

If SoundBee did editing AND sound design, they would do the best editing and sound design in the world. Oh wait...

Tom Day
Director, BT Sport

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